Low Carbon City Lab

Who we are

EIT Climate-KIC is the EU’s largest public-private partnership addressing climate change through innovation, comprising of over 250 leading partners from business, academia, the public sector and NGOs. Our ambition is to contribute to creating a prosperous, inclusive, climate resilient society with a circular, zero-carbon economy. We are funded by the European Institute of Technology, a body of the European Union.

What we do

We focus on levers of systemic change and a selection of priority areas where innovation is most needed to achieve deep decarbonisation (fossil fuels) and effective adaptation. We act as a platform to catalyse cross-sectoral, transformational change through innovation. This entails providing funding, composition of innovation consortia, working together with our partners to take a portfolio approach to innovation options, enrichment of business model design and implementation, tailored support for experimentation and scaling and support for very early stage ideation and pre-seed innovation.

What is the Low Carbon City Lab (LoCaL)?

LoCaL is a flagship programme aiming to unlock climate finance for cities. EIT Climate-KIC takes on the challenge to accelerate the creation of low-carbon and resilient assets in cities by providing training and capacity-building, project acceleration, and investment mechanisms. Within LoCaL, public and private organisations work together to identify, test and scale innovative tools and solutions tailored for cities and investors. Since 2015, LoCaL has supported many cities in both emerging and developed economies.

# Training and Capacity Building: LoCaL offers training on access to finance, capacity building, and project preparation, in close collaboration with Climate-KIC education. Visit the LoCaL Training Hub.

# Project acceleration: LoCaL aims to align and accelerate project generation at the city level by developing a pipeline of bankable green investments.

# Investment mechanisms: LoCaL aims to identify and scale innovative funding models for cities and support the implementation of climate finance mechanisms in cities. Visit the City Finance Lab [link to project].

Working with us

LoCaL is looking to collaborate with:

  • Cities that need training on infrastructure, want to showcase potential projects and implement climate finance schemes
  • Solution providers that want to develop catalytic mechanisms aiming at generating a pipeline of bankable assets in cities
  • Development finance institutions and development agencies for training and capacity-building programmes, project preparation and city climate finance

Meet the Team

LoCaL is a growing collaboration of more than 15 organisations dedicated to empowering cities in the fight against climate change. This unique and inclusive ecosystem brings together cities, business, academia and NGOs to deliver high environmental and social impact.

For more information, please contact:

Victor Gancel
Programme Manager
Low Carbon City Lab


Victor Gancel
Programme Manager
Low Carbon City Lab
Susanne Pedersen
Director, Climate-KIC Nordics
Marc Weissgerber
Chief Financial Officer, Climate-KIC
Patrick Bürgi
Director Public Sector,
South Pole
Robert Kelly
Director of SUEZ’s Business Incubator
Skylar Bee
Project Management Officer, Low Carbon City Lab
Thanh-Tâm Lê
Director, Climate-KIC France
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