City Finance Lab

Cities and urban centres play a key role in addressing climate change. They are essential to reducing global carbon emissions while being highly vulnerable to climate risks. Cities account for 70% of global carbon emissions and are highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change with USD 4 trillion worth of urban assets in jeopardy before 2030. As only 15% of climate finance reaches cities through traditional mechanisms, innovative financing solutions are urgently required.

The City Finance Lab is a dedicated platform supporting the development of innovative, replicable and scalable financing solutions which increase investment in climate-resilient, low-carbon and green urban projects for sustainable cities.

The City Finance Lab:

  • supports financing innovations by bringing together leading city finance experts from public, private and philanthropic organisations to develop and improve their ideas.
  • stimulates the scaling up and replication of these innovative urban financing solutions.
  • mobilises public and private finance for the sustainable transitions of cities.

The 2018 selected and supported innovative financing solutions can be found here.

Technical advisory

The City Finance Lab organises an annual call for the most promising innovative financing solutions.

Submitting an idea to the City Finance Lab yields two major benefits for the proponent:

  • selected ideas receive technical advisory from leading city finance experts, as well as in-kind macro-level guidance from leaders of prominent public, private and philanthropic sector organisations.
  • selected ideas become part of a network that can provide political and financial support and showcase their ideas to stimulate scaling and replication.


Euro 75,000

Average value of the in-kind technical advisory received by selected City Finance Lab solutions


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