City finance lab


Cities are key to tackling climate change but green urban projects that address and adapt to this challenge by delivering healthier, more resilient and more liveable European cities still struggle to attract sufficient investment.

The City Finance Lab was founded to support the development of innovative and well-designed financial solutions that can remove barriers to investment in sustainable cities. Read more on the investment barriers cities face.

It is Europe’s first dedicated platform focusing on the development of innovative financial solutions that increase investment in low-carbon, resilient and sustainable urban projects.

It supports financial innovators by bringing together leading city finance experts from public, private and philanthropic organisations to develop and improve their ideas. By doing so, it also aims to catalyze broader public and private sector efforts to scale up green investment.

The City Finance Lab aims to mobilise €500 million over the next five years for the transition to low-carbon sustainable cities.

Why cities?

Who is behind the City Finance Lab?

Lead partners

South Pole accelerates the transition to a sustainable and climate-smart economy and society. It works with governments, business, and finance to turn risks into opportunities, and opportunities into competitive advantage.Its world-class advisory services are enriched by practical knowledge gained from developing over 700 projects in renewables, water, forestry, and agriculture in over 40 different countries.

South Pole acts as secretariat for the City Finance Lab. Contact us here: cityfinancelab@southpole.com.

Hans Peter Egler
Director of Public Affairs
South Pole

Climate-KIC is Europe’s largest public-private innovation partnership focused on climate innovation to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Climate-KIC is the main funder of the City Finance Lab. It supports the lab through its strong network of cities and actors in municipal climate finance and also provides communications support. As a funder, Climate-KIC will feature on the City Finance Lab Committee.

Victor Gancel
Programme Manager
EIT Climate-KIC Low Carbon City Lab

Supporting partners

CDP is an international non-profit that drives companies, cities, states & regions to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard water resources and protect forests.

The Global Fund for Cities Development (FMDV) is an NGO which supports emerging and developing local authorities in accessing the necessary financial resources to finance their urban development projects.FMDV acts as an advisor and networking partner to the City Finance Lab and supports the lab in the selection of experts to support initiatives.

Global Infrastructure Basel (GIB) Foundation is a Swiss foundation based in Basel working to promote sustainable and resilient infrastructure through sustainable infrastructure design and financing on a global scale.

GIB acts as an advisor and networking partner to the City Finance Lab and supports the lab in the selection of experts to support initiatives.

The Center for Climate Finance and Investment at Imperial College London helps investors and policymakers overcome the current lack of clarity about risk and return in emerging clean technology sectors.Imperial College acts as an advisor to the City Finance Lab.