How it works

City finance lab

The City Finance Lab is Europe’s first dedicated platform to support the development of innovative financial solutions which go beyond traditional project finance development. It does this in order to increase investment in low-carbon, resilient and sustainable urban projects.

It supports financial innovators by bringing together leading city finance experts from public, private and philanthropic organisations to develop and improve their ideas.

June 4th – July 31th
1. Submit a summary of your idea

Click here to submit a summary of your idea (max. 500 words) by 10pm UTC+1 on July 31th, 2018.

June 4th – August 6th
2. Submit a full proposal

After you submit your idea, we will notify you within 3 working days whether or not you should submit a full proposal. The submission deadline for full proposals is 10pm UTC+1 on August 6th, 2018.

Early September
3. Selection

The City Finance Lab Committee votes to select a shortlist of the most promising solutions.

Sep 15th – Nov 30th
4. Development

Shortlisted ideas benefit from expert analysis and guidance to strengthen their design, find partners and gain visibility with potential investors.

Members of the City Finance Lab Committee may endorse ideas publicly and provide technical or financial support for their implementation. The City Finance Lab does not have money to invest in ideas itself.

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