The Low Carbon City Lab Training Hub is live

21 February 2018

Why a Training Hub?

Cities lack the internal competences to access climate finance and prepare attractive projects to investors. This knowledge gap hinders meaningful climate action while reducing cities’ ownership of large-scale infrastructure projects.

Our Training Hub will empower cities in improving and better integrating their climate planning with finance planning. Specifically:

  1. Empowers cities in training them in green infrastructure procurement; project design and financial structuring
  2. Provides innovative ways to train cities and investors in assessing their impact

Free e-modules on climate finance!

January saw the introduction of two free e-learning modules:

o    Green Bonds for Cities:

This online course explains how green bonds can meet this need by offering access to low-cost capital that can be directly linked to a city’s investment in ‘going green’.

o    Results Based Finance for Cities:

Participants will learn how a project or programme can achieve Gold Standard certification, having clearly identified its contribution to specific SDGs and other co-benefits that have a defined monetary value to potential investors.