Climate Financier

Despite great potential and ambition to make deep emissions cuts, city governments often lack access to private investment. ‘Climate Financier’ will facilitate the flow of low carbon investment from private sector investors into worthy mitigation projects in urban areas.

The aim of CDP’s ‘Climate Financier’ project is to understand the barriers to investment in city mitigation projects. In order to better facilitate the flow of private sector investment into mitigation projects in urban areas, CDP will gather data from its network of 822 institutional investors. Based on the findings of primary and secondary research, CDP will unlock investment barriers and connect investors with city mitigation projects.


At present, ‘Climate Financier’ is considering the development of an online solution that can be updated in real-time, allowing for easy comparisons among projects on a standard set of metrics. To perfect this online solution, CDP is on the look out for additional partners with expertise in FinTech development

The next steps of the project will include a workshop session towards the end of November in Bangkok, Thailand.

What added value in working with the Climate KIC / LoCaL

The ‘Climate Financier’ has greatly benefitted from the knowledge base and collaborative atmosphere of the LoCaL and Climate KIC community. The LoCaL network has, among others, helped CDP reach out to new potential partners and organisations.

Contact Information

The project is a collaboration between CDP’s investor initiatives and cities teams. For additional information please contact:

James Hulse,
Head of Investor Initiatives


Kyra Appleby,
Head of CDP’s Cities Program



Our 2015 results show that 38% of cities (116) are looking for private financing for mitigation actions.


20 city governments engaged

8 investors engaged