Climate Mitigation Funds 2.0 (CMF)

Funding strategies for climate mitigation in cities

Across Europe, cities have been developing 2050 strategies for climate mitigation. These strategies lack sources of funding to mobilise investments, to support climate mitigation projects and thus to create implementation impact towards a low-carbon economy. In this context, cities play a central role in attracting blended public and private capital.

In CMF 2.0, the University of Kassel, the Modena Energy Agency (AESS), ASTER together with the Cities of Bologna and Frankfurt on Main aim to develop a fund structure that allows funding of income-generating and of non-income-generating projects, to substantially boost carbon mitigation and climate adaptation action. By tailoring the fund concepts to the local ecosystem, the project sets out for a powerful financial instrument with high and sustaining adoption within the local governance system.

Aim and scope of CMF 2.0

It is the aim of CMF 2.0 to develop climate mitigation fund-concepts that:

  • substantially increase the funding volume (beyond the cities´ own investment into the operation and structure of the fund) by exploiting other public and private sources of investments,
  • are designed to finance measures (income generating and also non income generating projects) which are assumed to be substantial for urban low carbon transition and for which so far no (or no adequate) funding is available,
  • are sustainable in terms of management and funding in order to enduringly unfold impact.