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Compact of States and Regions Analytics Tool

An online analytics tool that provides live tracking, analysis and forecasting of disclosed state and regional government mitigation targets

The Paris Agreement explicitly recognizes that states, regions and other non-state actors have a crucial role in fighting climate change. This is a major shift from the traditional top-down process that has defined UNFCCC negotiations. Of all non-state actors, states and regions have most often been neglected. Yet, they are significant climate actors in their own right and are also great enablers of city and corporate action. They are setting world-leading low carbon policies that show national governments what can be achieved through setting clear climate goals.

Despite the success and momentum gained by the commitments and targets set by state and regional governments, it is clear that to reduce emissions to the level required, such governments must have the ability to learn from and adopt each other’s innovations. This includes having access to comparable and insightful data using relevant metrics. To meet this need, CDP in partnership with The Climate Group will build and make available to all governments that disclosed an interactive data analytics tool, drawing on the comprehensive datasets already being disclosed. The tool will enable governments to access publicly data reported to CDP, boosting their ability to learn from best practice and benchmark themselves against other governments. The tool will be integral in driving CDP and The Climate Group’s joint vision that state and regional governments play a vital role in driving climate action and climate data is fundamental to delivering sustainable economies that avoid dangerous climate change and lead to a net-zero.

Live tracking, analysis and forecasting

The Compact of States and Regions Analytics Tool seeks to develop a dedicated state and regional climate reporting analytics tool, defined by increased supply of reliable emissions data from state and regional governments, and by an increasing demand from governments for sophisticated data analytics support to assist their policy decision-making, and improve emissions management. The overarching aim of this project is to drive greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions through the development and disclosure of GHG emissions inventories and mitigation targets by state and regional governments.

This aim will be achieved through developing an online analytics suite comprising the world’s first public facing website that provides live tracking, analysis and forecasting of state and regional government mitigation targets disclosed through CDP. The public facing website will encourage states and regions to disclose annually (through additional member visibility and recognition) thereby catalysing GHG emissions inventory and target setting. It will also encourage governments to be accountable and hit their targets, through the annual, transparent and public tracking of their mitigation progress. In addition, a non-public facing web resource will also be developed, which will provide a suite of resources to disclosing governments to facilitate their inventory development, target setting and GHG reduction.

The public facing website will cover:

  • An interactive global map representing states and regions that disclosed to CDP
  • Analytics on states and regions emissions and targets
  • Information on how to disclose and join leading climate initiatives

The non-public facing web resource will cover:

  • Analysis on GHG emissions (inventory years, inventory methodologies, verification partners)
  • Make data available for users to download
  • Create a resource of climate actions for users to access

Interested in the Compact of States and Regions Data Analytics Tool?

We are welcoming:

  • States and regions interested in joining the disclosure platform
  • Cooperation with other disclosure platforms (NAZCA, cCR, etc)
  • Investors:
  • National/regional/international public finance institutions
  • Institutional investors
  • Other non-state actors engaging in climate change action


2016 Compact of States and Regions Disclosure Report


CDP leads this project and works in partnership with The Climate Group.

Project lead

Karl Dominic Arpon is a Senior Project Officer at CDP’s Cities, States and Regions team. He is responsible for managing the disclosure cycle for CDP’s States and Regions Program and is leading the development of the analytics tool project funded by Climate-KIC. Karl holds a MSc in Environmental Technology with a water management specialization from Imperial College London and a BSc in Environmental Science from Queen Mary University of London. He has experience in various environmental management roles including his affiliation with the International Union for Conservation of Nature, Anglian Water’s wastewater team and his involvement in a multi-disciplinary European project focusing on water policy and management.