Cost benefit analysis for climate change adaptation and sustainable flood water management in cities


A training module aimed at increasing the capacity of cities including decision makers and professionals on cost benefit analysis of climate change adaptation.

Technical issues and decision-making approaches will be addressed in relation to e.g. climate information, damage assessments, cost benefit analysis, adaptation finance and implementation barriers. The primary focus will be on climate risks of flooding from extreme precipitation, river flooding and storm surges, and implementation of sustainable water infrastructure in protecting against such events. The training will emphasize knowledge creation and practical experiences in relation to cost benefit analysis, impact assessment, hazard mapping, damage cost assessment, economic valuation, adaptation costs and implementation and finance in a local and international context.

Compact aims and objectives

  • Develop the format of the training module(s)
  • Identify potential barriers to scaling adaptation.
  • Development of course content for the in-person training module(s)


The project is led by the Danish Technical University and implemented jointly with the University of Copenhagen.