Investment Funds for Building Retrofits

A framework for an investment fund for building retrofits projects, which seeks to accelerate building efficency and retrofit investments in Europe.

This project seeks to bridge the gap between the existing supply-side mechanisms of building retrofit projects and demand-side market needs from investors through designing a framework for an investment fund based on standardized protocols and aggregation approaches with high potential for scale up, and based on the framework designed, establish a concrete fund for building retrofits.

IFBR aims and objectives

  • Develop a strategy for an equity investment fund for building retrofit projects
  • Evaluate and agree upon the aggregation approach and MRV framework to help attract investors and decrease uncertainty
  • Establish a project pipeline in cooperation with interested cities

Denis Jorisch is a Consultant at South Pole Group since early 2015 and has a background in atmospheric and climate science. He is currently focusing on new monitoring approaches in the transport sector on city level as well as energy efficiency projects in the building sector

Denis Jorisch