A marketplace for urban climate mitigation projects

Closing the gap

There is a finance gap of US$93 trillion for urban sustainable infrastructure in the next 15 years. While cities are pursuing ambitious climate goals, they face barriers in closing the financing gap due to lack of access to private sector finance and investors cite difficulty in accessing investment-ready projects. Matchmaker helps cities and investors overcome these barriers by engaging in consultations with over 300 cities worldwide and creating a database of climate projects.

Connecting the climate finance landscape

CDP’s Matchmaker service provides investors exposure to climate-related project opportunities in cities around the world. Matchmaker’s mission is to create a platform that offers a robust project database to enable scale in climate finance. To meet this mission, the service connects the project database with parties across the development landscape, including investors, project developers and corporations.

In 2017, 554 cities reported their climate efforts to CDP, with more than 1,000 projects disclosed into the project database, representing over US$36 billion. By harnessing existing data flows and CDP’s unique relationships with cities and the investment community, Matchmaker will become the go-to place for city projects to be pre-assessed, categorised and selected by financing agencies.

Matchmaker will:

  • Create a marketplace for urban mitigation projects using data from CDP, Transformative Actions Program and other (LoCaL) partners to source projects.
  • Expose investors to city project data
  • Educate investors on city climate mitigation and encourage them to take a systematic approach to urban finance

Interested in Matchmaker?

We’re welcoming:

  • City representatives from:
    • Sustainability department
    • Finance department
    • Economic department
  • Investors:
    • National/regional/international public finance institutions
    • Institutional investors
  • Organizations that help cities develop climate projects


The project is led by CDP and in consultation with SASA, ClimatePlace, Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative

Project lead: Kyra Appleby, Head of Cities

Kyra joined the Cities team as an account manager in 2010 and was appointed program head in 2013. Prior to her role at CDP, Kyra worked in various research positions at NBC Universal, eMarketer and the City of New York. Kyra holds a Masters in Public Administration from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University and a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Earth Science from the Johns Hopkins University.


Matchmaker connects over 300 cities with donors and investors