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City finance lab

Get involved

The City Finance Lab aims to accelerate the development of innovative financial solutions to mobilise EUR 500 million over the next five years for the transition to sustainable, low-carbon and climate-resilient cities. You can take part in a number of ways.

Join the roster of experts

The City Finance Lab assigns experts tailored to the needs of proponents in order to develop submitted ideas into well-designed, innovative and bankable financial solutions.

We invite subject matter experts to join our roster of experts to support solutions currently under development. Working group members guide the development of innovative solutions, benefit from the experience and expertise of the City Finance Lab’s network, and from being cited occasionally in City Finance Lab communications. They learn about the latest trends and potentially become key actors in the implementation of the solutions.

We estimate the average time commitment at two working days per month. This will depend on your role within the expert group assigned to each solution. Register your interest here

Sponsor a solution

The innovative solutions emerging from the City Finance Lab will be selected for their potential to drive green investments. Their design will have benefitted from inputs from leading private and public city finance experts and they may also have found new implementation partners through this process.

Many solution proponents will seek catalytic or investment capital from different classes of investors. If you are interested in learning more about a particular idea, further details and proponent contact information are available here.

Fund the City Finance Lab

Public and philanthropic funders already support important work driving climate change adaptation and mitigation in cities. This initiative gives them the opportunity to leverage existing expertise and financial commitments by mobilising more public and private investment.


  • help shape the City Finance Lab’s priorities.
  • extend the reach of the City Finance Lab to developing countries worldwide.
  • co-shape innovative solutions for cities.
  • enable private and public investments in climate finance for cities.
  • participate in the selection of which innovative financing solutions receive support.
  • learn from a network of experts about innovative developments in financing for cities.

Interested in funding the City Finance Lab? Get in touch here.