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Participatory budgeting processes were introduced in municipalities in Brazil in the 1980s and have since been implemented by over 1500 municipalities worldwide. The city of Lisbon launched its Participatory Budget (PB) in 2008, funding more than 1’950 projects already.
Through the strong engagement of Lisbon to invest in climate mitigation and resilience, the city aims to accelerate the investments in green projects and to significantly raise the mobilization of private investments on those projects.
Its ambitions are (i) to integrate climate projects into its PB, and (ii) to raise the resources allocated by the City of Lisbon to new participatory instruments such as PBs for schools.

Innovative approach

The proposal of Lisbon City Council seeks to integrate climate action projects in the city’s Participatory Budget (PB), named the Lisbon Climate Citizenship Commitment (LC3). The objective of the LC3 is to integrate climate projects in its PB (‘Green Seal’) and to create a platform that materialises ‘Lisbon’s Commitment for Resilience to Climate Change’, thus scaling private investments for adaptation and mitigation in Lisbon. The LC3 will also work closely with other cities part of the 1500 worldwide that already have a PB, to replicate the concept of “green” PB.

City Finance Lab activities

  • Integrate climate projects in the participatory budget of Lisbon.
  • Ensure the sustainability and maintenance of implemented projects.
  • Mobilise additional financial resources towards green investments.
  • Stimulate replication of such initiatives across Portuguese cities and other cities with participators budgets.

Technical advisors

  • Prof. Yves Cabannes

Contact details

Paulo Francisco

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