Webinar: The road to bankability- attract investors to your urban projects

25 Sep,

The need for early project preparation

Is your city actively involved with developing climate related initiatives, but is accessing funding a challenge?


In 2017, the CCFLA found that urban project developers lack information for financing existing urban project opportunities in the early stages of development, particularly in relation to feasibility studies, business plans, financial structuring, and risk assessments.

To find out how to make your urban project bankable, join us for this 1,5 hour (free) webinar and learn more about:

  • The main barriers in accessing sustainable finance
  • How to create bankable projects
  • Project preparation at district scale
  • Bankability criteria and what makes a project investable
  • Capacity building initiatives


Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is primarily aimed at:

  • Decision makers and planners
  • Practitioners
  • City Advisors

But we welcome anyone with an interest in sustainable finance for cities.



To join the webinar, please register here and secure your place today.


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