Matchmaker workshop: Connecting cities and investors to scale up climate finance – PRI In Person Side Event

09 Sep - 09 Sep 2016, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Join CDP and partners for a one-day workshop on city climate finance and hear about innovative, bankable projects that will unlock the climate change mitigation potential of cities.

This event is part of CDP’s Matchmaking service project, which will connect institutional investors and international public finance institutions to urban climate mitigation projects as part of the Climate KIC’s LoCaL program.

Aims of the day:

  • Understanding investors’ and local governments’ needs and perceived opportunities when financing transformative urban climate mitigation projects.
  • Networking opportunities between investors and city representatives leading in climate action.
  • Participation in or access to the Matchmaker’s pipeline of bankable projects.

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Florianne de Boer:

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