Gold Standard launches new standard for the SDGs

11 July 2017

Today the Gold Standard Foundation, well recognized for setting the benchmark for best practice climate initiatives, launched their new standard to accelerate progress toward climate security & the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In light of the Paris Agreement commitment to limit warming below a 2o threshold, and public and private commitment to fulfil the SDGs, Gold Standard has integrated their standards for Energy, Land Use and Water into one comprehensive standard: Gold Standard for the Global Goals.

As part of this new standard, the Low Carbon City Lab contributed directly to the development of the new Sustainable Urban Development module that helped bring Gold Standard for the Global Goals to life. Cities can use the Sustainable Urban Development module for climate planning activities, as well as project development, implementation and best practices. The standard has high levels of inclusiveness, accounts for the measurement of co benefits, and will help attract investment and gain public support.

To learn more, please visit the Gold Standard Foundation website and read the press release.

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