New projects for LoCaL

28 June 2016

Low Carbon City Lab (LoCaL) welcomes 5 new projects in its portfolio!

Started in 2015, LoCaL is an innovation platform aiming at unlocking climate finance for cities.

LoCaL paves the way for investments with measurable impact within cities by providing training, project identification and preparation support, new funding mechanisms and impact assessment tools. Over the last 18 months, LoCaL has been growing organically an ecosystem of projects gathering cities, corporates, research and NGOs, delivering innovation within the Global North and the Global South.

Our most recent addition to our portfolio include:

  • WAEMU Project PreparationFacility (PPF), will support the development of project preparation facilities in the Western African Economic and Monetary Union zone
  • Location supports the development of city-wide atmospheric monitoring of CO2 emissions, enabling accurate inventories and frequent updates
  • Mofiso will improve ECOSPEED Region, a software-based GHG accounting tool, by adding a financing module to suggest funding solutions for planned mitigation projects
  • Climate Mitigation Funds 2.0, where Frankfurt and Bologna join forces to develop a replicable and scalable fund structure to boost urban mitigation and adaptation actions
  • Mexico First City Green Bonds will accelerate the uptake of green municipal bonds as a tool in Latin America

This is an exciting moment for the 30 LoCaL partners working on the ground with cities!

If you want to know more about our activities, please make sure to visit this website.

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