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News 30 May 2016

LoCaL speaks at Metropolitan Solutions Conference

The Low Carbon City Lab (LoCaL) programme manager Victor Cancel, speaks on LoCaL Climate Finance Projects for Cities.

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News 25 May 2016

Using smart data to protect the climate

Partners South Pole Group, Telefónica and Teralytics spearhead mobile-led calculations to help reduce CO2 and air pollution in cities.

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News 23 May 2016

First Matchmaker workshop

Public and private investors, including the World Bank Group, AFD and IAFD, meet with cities to discuss funding opportunities and challenges.

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News 18 April 2016

LoCaL pilots Results Based Finance in Cali, Colombia

This study provides a practical example of unlocking climate finance for cities, LoCaL's primary objective.

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News 14 April 2016

Open Call – Welcoming New Projects to Unlock Climate Finance

Do you have a solution to support climate finance for cities?

Submit your interest by 9 May - we look forward to receiving your application!

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News 09 February 2016

3C-Waste to address emissions from entire waste chain

The LoCaL project Cities Count Carbon in the waste sector (3C-Waste) will not only include direct emission from waste but address the entire chain including collection systems and energy production from incineration.

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News 04 February 2016

New: LoCaL White Paper on climate investment for cities

What are the main obstactles for financing urban mitigation projects and how can these be overcome? A new Low Carbon City Lab (LoCaL) White Paper by CDP identifies these main barriers and offers new insights into the solutions, making an important step in linking cities with investors.

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News 16 December 2015

New: Factsheet for Local Governments on Climate Finance for Cities

Get an overview of financial resources and instruments for local governments to realise projects in line with the 2°C pathway.

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News 09 December 2015

LoCaL highlighted in UN Report on Climate Finance

A new UN report defines innovative ways to boost climate finance in cities.

One of the solutions proposed is to create a network of labs to create new financial instruments as well as funding models, such as Low Carbon City Lab.

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News 06 December 2015

Curbing carbon: cities and climate finance get connected

EU’s LoCaL initiative set to turn green growth into business as usual.

With cities worldwide accounting for 70% of global anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions, measures to reduce such emissions at city level can make all the difference in the pursuit of climate change mitigation and sustainable economic growth.

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News 04 December 2015

Low Carbon Investment in Cities

A new LoCaL white paper has been published:

Low Carbon Investment in Cities - How to Harness the Potential?

Download the white paper here!

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News 01 December 2015

Carbon Track and Trace scales up

An Expression of Interest has been submitted to LoCaL for €250.000 in funding in 2016 to build out a GHG emission sensor network in Trondheim and a Danish city.

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News 01 December 2015

New partners for Carbon Track and Trace

Carbon Track and Trace (CTT) has added new partners going forward into Phase II, including:
- Wireless Trondheim (network provider and technical support)
- T:Lab (strategic insight and business development)
- Numascale (bigger data analytics)
- the Danish Technical University (DTU)
- another Danish city (to be confirmed)

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News 01 December 2015

IMC4T: partnership between South Pole Group and Teralytics

After an extensive research phase assessing the technical and financial feasibility of the innovative transport monitoring approach in 2015, South Pole Group partnered up with Teralytics to realise a scaled up pilot project in 2016.

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News 16 November 2015

LoCaL’s brand new webpage is online

After several weeks of planning, we are delighted to announce the launch of the new LoCaL webpage. The new look website follows the Climate-KIC corporate template to enhance and streamline the user experience across all Climate-KIC related activities. Along with the new Climate-KIC look, new features were included that we hope will make visiting the site easier and a more interactive experience.

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