Summer School on Urban Climate Finance

20 June 2016

The Summer School participants will work on innovative solutions for helping cities accessing to climate finance. They
will have the opportunity to work for the city of Frankfurt (as an example of the challenges in the global north) and for the city of Medellín, Colombia (as an example for the challenges in the global south).


Challenges that will be addressed include:

  • What is the overall challenge of urban climate finance from different (theoretical and practical) perspectives?
  • What are the specific urban climate finance challenges for cities in the global north and in the global south?
  • What may be innovative solutions for cities to finance their urban climate investments?
  • What barriers need to be overcome in order to attract new funds and to make the desired investments?
  • How may financial instruments be used as well to accelerate a transition to a low carbon society (e.g. through increased participation of citizens)?

A unique opportunity

This Summer School will allow you:

  • To combine theory with practice in the field of green finance and transition management.
  • To learn how cities in the global north and the global south are trying to finance green investments.
  • To develop a concise proposal how a city in the global north or the global south should act in the light of its specificurban climate finance challenge.
  • To meet, discuss and question key business leaders and policy-makers.
  • To get in touch with people from all over the world and to work in interdisciplinary teams.

Full programme & to register

Interested to apply for this Summer School? Have a look at the brochure for a full overview of the programme, the costs and the application procedure.

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