Smart GHG monitoring

The LOCATION project aims to structure a competitive and scalable service for an urban GHG monitoring solution to support planning and validation of mitigation projects financed through results-based finance.

The cost-efficient solution will be deployed as a MRV tool for new mitigation projects or as public management tool and allow exploitation as stand-alone solution or licensed service by a global environmental service providers like SUEZ.


  • demonstrate that novel Low-Cost Medium Precision (LCMP) sensors can be used for an operational monitoring system without significantly affecting the overall performance of the service.
  • address the problem of site limitation and spatial resolution of observations and modelling.
  • explore various avenues to monetize such services, as well as the corresponding mitigation initiatives.
  • use available datasets on (future) regulation, carbon trading schemes and green city initiatives to develop a strategy to provide relevant city monitoring services to cities in Europe and around the world.

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