Financing solutions for climate mitigation projects using ECOSPEED Region software

Valuable guidance on financing for mitigation projects

ECOSPEED Region, a software-based greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting tool, is used by 1,700 cities throughout Europe to calculate energy consumption and CO₂ emissions, and to create scenarios for energy production and efficiency.

The MOFISO project will improve the ECOSPEED software by providing a module to suggest financing solutions for planned mitigation projects. Cities receive a report with detailed information on possible financing solutions, helping to accelerate the implementation of climate protection projects.

Speeding up implementation

Demand for investments in climate protection projects is huge in many different areas, ranging from public buildings and households to industry, transport and local energy production. The challenge for cities, however, is to gauge which projects would be most interesting for external investors and how to finance them.

MOFISO will provide a new module for the existing web-based software ECOSPEED Region, giving cities an overview of possible financing solutions for their projects with a mouse click. Part of the new service will consist of training courses for cities, as well as project guidance that helps cities better understand their financing options in order to move on to the implementation phase. MOFISO lets cities:

  • Check if the issuance of a green city bond makes sense (bundling of planned projects)
  • Explore if projects can be financed through result-based finance
  • Examine if projects generate carbon credits that can be sold
  • Identify national and European Union funds that could provide financial support for chosen projects
  • Check the benchmark for return on investment for certain types of projects that are planned through ECOSPEED Region
  • Submit projects to LoCal’s Matchmaker programme
  • Identify local or sector experts who can support cities in terms of project financing

Cities interested in MOFISO can buy the software ECOSPEED Region on The software runs on the web browser and no software installation is required.

Contact details

Christoph HartmannManaging Director
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Facts and figures

30 financing solutions

Access to 30 financing solutions for climate mitigation projects


Increased energy efficiency of up to 30%


Implementation of the proposed financing solutions can lead to emission savings of up to 30%


1,700 existing ECOSPEED Region clients

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