Project Preparation

Neighbourhood Economics

Unlocking finance for climate investment for neighbourhood economics and smart cities innovation

Most of the cities in Europe have adopted strategic mitigation and adaptation plans, but they are envisaging many difficulties when it comes to implementation. This is mostly due to the lack of proper financing allocated and the stakeholder engagement demonstrating the need for support to accelerate the transition. Neighbourhood Economics seeks to demonstrate that the district approach will support the cities in accelerating the investments in mitigation and adaptation projects.

Neighbourhood Economics will collaborate with the 2 cities of Malmo and Bologna and their respective neighbourhoods in order to identify climate challenges and already mature and/or scalable mitigation and adaptation projects that can transform urban spaces, generate social capital, get finance and create jobs, engaging local stakeholders and accelerating the financing of mitigation and adaptation projects. Objectives include:

  • Involving the community and engaging local stakeholders (start-up, private/public organization, universities, citizen)
  • Supporting the design and co-creation of climate mitigation and adaptation solutions for the district
  • Defining the criteria for selecting bankable projects according to the financing products available on the market
  • Informing the local stakeholders and the cities about financing opportunities and stimulating dialogue between the financing actors and the stakeholders
  • Accelerating the implementation of projects supporting the application for financing products (grant, loan/mortgage, crowdfunding, mini bond, green bond, goods amortization in energy supply);
  • Demonstrating Neighbourhood Economics is scalable in other cities.



Factsheets will be provided to stakeholders in order to describe and define the activities planned for the year 2017 and the year 2018.

Workshops and meetings will be organised with the financing institutions to inform local actors and cities on the financing opportunities.

A template will be developed to establish the criteria to assess the bankability of the projects

A call for ideas will be issue to identify and select up to 3 bankable projects according with the priorities.

The call for ideas will be published on varies web pages (AESS, Comune di Bologna, ecc..) and promoted through Social Media related pages.


The Consortium consists of:

Agenzia per L’energia e lo sviluppo sostenibile (Lead Partner)

Contact: Claudia Camrani

Role: Overall project management, coordination, monitoring and evaluation. Development of business plan and dissemination. Support the development of Bologna demonstrator

City of Bologna (Contributing partner)

Role: Development of Bologna demonstrator

Contact: Giovanni Fini


City of Malmö (Contributing Partner)

Role: Development of Malmo demonstrator

Contact: Andreas Anderholm Pedersen


CDP Worldwide (EUROPE) (Contributing Partner)

Role: Community and finance engagement

Contact: Shirin Reuvers


The target audience is represented by the city but at district level. Here, citizens, businesses, start-ups, non-profit associations and public actors need support and assistance in the design and finance of climate mitigation and adaptation solutions. Therefore, crucial is the role of public and financial institutions to inform the district actors on the availability of the financing products and to boost the implementation of mitigation and adaptation projects.

Contact details

Claudia Carani, + 39 059 452511

Claudia Carani is the European Project manager AESS Modena and is responsible for energy and urban planning, in particularly in the development and implementation of Sustainable Energy Action plans in the framework of the Covenant of Mayor initiative. She operates also as facilitator of rational use of energy and renewable energy sources projects. She has been involved in many European funded projects. Within the Transition Cities project financed Climate KIC is supporting a Public-Private electric car sharing experience in the Municipality of Modena. She has EU projects coordination experience. She is actually the LEMON – PDA H2020 coordinator and she is the Pioneer programme manager in Italy.


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