Project Preparation

Project Preparation for LoCaL Ecosystem

Accelerating low carbon investments in cities through a clear vision on project preparation assets

Among LoCaL partners involved in the different areas of urban project preparation, there still exist several knowledge and information gaps on the early stage of project development due to insufficient available data and lack of open platforms for experience sharing and coordination.

This initiative aims to bridge these knowledge gaps by mapping and analysing the current shortcomings and opportunities of city climate project preparation programs, expertise and facilities within the LoCaL Ecosystem, and providing recommendations on the constitution of a complementary chain of value among LoCaL partners.

Aims and objectives

By taking stock and analysing the current opportunities and deficiencies in project preparation in Europe and developing countries, the project focuses on supporting LoCaL and its partners to identify the definitions, visions, needs, and opportunities to develop and/or participate to Climate Project Preparation.

The project aims to bring together key LoCaL partners in identifying, coordinating, and accelerating the constitution of a chain of value, and illustrate a complementary ecosystem of LoCaL partners towards future involvements in Project Preparation Facilities (PPFs) or Project Preparation Initiatives for climate smart investments. It also aims to contribute to overcoming the project preparation crisis cities in Europe and beyond are facing today.


  • Identify the vision, definition, and existing experiences of LoCaL partners towards project preparation
  • Identify the needs, challenges, opportunities, and potential added value of LoCaL’s ecosystem towards climate project preparation
  • Present and promote this potential complementary chain of value of LoCaL partners on project preparation to accelerate climate actions to LoCaL and Climate-KIC partner


The project is led by The Global Fund for Cities Development (FMDV) and implemented jointly with Global Infrastructure Basel and the Cities Climate Finance Leadership Alliance (CCFLA).


We’re welcoming:

  • Municipal partners
  • LoCaL & Climate-KiC partners
  • Professionals and experts on urban project preparation 

Contact details

Jean-François Habeau

Jean-François Habeau is the Executive Director of FMDV. He is based in FMDV headquarters in Paris and has an extensive 12 years expertise in local finance and investment, PPPs, climate finance and a strong experience of working with public entities and financial and technical partners.

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